Jenny Fenig

“What can I say about work with Elaine for my retreats and events? Basically, I couldn’t imagine serving my clients without her by my side serving me. Holding sacred space at a retreat is just that sacred. This is not something you want to cheap out on or leave to chance. You can’t do this work alone. Too much is at stake. You know that. When you hire Elaine, you can rest assured that she’s got everything handled: from working with the venue, to helping you create the agenda to managing attendees’ needs onsite, to ensure you are operating in your zone of genius. It’s pure magic. I’m excited for you to bring Elaine onto your team for a retreat or event that will change the course of your business … and your attendees’ lives forever.”

~ Jenny Fenig, Business Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Founder, Get Gutsy Coach Training School,