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I would have cried myself to sleep nightly for an entire month or two, if we hadn’t hired Elaine to help us produce our event. She was everything I could have hoped for and more — which sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true. She had an easy-going and calming way about her from the beginning. And her positive vibes continued through until the end of our event. And beyond her upbeat, supportive personality, Elaine is ridiculously on top of her stuff. She’s organized and thoughtful and 99 steps ahead of you at any given moment. I’m lucky we found her. We couldn’t have done our event without her… well, we could have, but it would have sucked. We’ll hire Elaine again in a heartbeat.

~ Kira Hugg, Conversion Copywriter and Founder, Kira Hug, Co-Founder, The Copywriter Club

“We had committed to putting together an event on a short deadline and on a tight budget and were in over our heads. Fortunately, we found Elaine. She brought the organization to our planning process that we were missing. What’s more, she made sure to take care of the little details that we hadn’t even considered. She made running our event EASY—managing everything from distributing schwag, to timing speakers, to setting up the room so we were ready to go, to making sure everyone was happy. My only regret? We should have called her sooner. Next time we will.

~ Rob Marsh, Conversion Copywriter and Founder, Brandstory Copy & Content, Co-Founder, The Copywriter Club