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You, Me and Jenny Fenig

This Spring, while I was in Jenny Fenig’s GLOW Mastermind program, I took a big leap.

I am so aligned with Jenny’s work that I pitched my services to her and now I am a member of her team.

Already, I am the event manager for her Spiritual Business Retreat this summer, working on some PR, I’m an enrollment coach and more fun responsibilities keep popping up!

Jenny and I go way back.

When I entered an intense coach training program in 2008, one student quickly stood out from the crowd – Jenny.

I still remember her impressively leading the entire class in a group meditation.

After we graduated, I felt pretty confident in what I’d learned about coaching but I had no clue how to start a business.

So, I stayed at my job and I watched to see what the other graduates where doing.

Most were still at a 9 to 5, like me. A few appeared to be dabbling with starting a coaching practice.

Jenny quickly rose as the superstar of the class.

From the outside, the biggest difference I saw between Jenny and our classmates was that she invested in learning even more about coaching and about business.

The classmates who didn’t ended up not coaching. But Jenny went to events and enrolled in programs with top-level leaders to learn how to be an entrepreneur. (That wasn’t taught in our coach training.)

Jenny kept rising and I kept watching.

Several years later, it was finally time for me to go for it and start my business.

I jumped into Ali Brown’s Elevate program alongside Jenny and hired a private coach. But a year later, I still hadn’t made a dime. I decided I needed a different approach so I interviewed a few coaches I knew.

Then, it dawned on me.

Why not work with Jenny? (Duh!)

After all, I had been following her every move for years. She is the one who turned me on to the entrepreneurial world. She was actually making money as a coach. Plus, I loved her message and her vibe.

I never would have imagined all that has transpired since then. Or, that after being in several of her top programs, I would be on her team. (Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds.)

And if you are ready to take your own big leap into the world of coaching … you have to check this out.

***Jenny’s Free Webinar ***

How to Package Your Magic to Get the Best Results for Your Coaching Clients + Say Goodbye to the Hours for Dollars Trap


Are you a coach trading hours for dollars and barely getting by? Or perhaps you’re a new coach figuring out how to get your first clients? (Or maybe you’re not a coach yet, but are intrigued by the idea.)

Jenny’s mission is to help new + aspiring coaches become successful in this field. It is possible, with the right tools and mindset, to change your life by changing the lives of your tribe.

Jenny is so passionate about this work and she wants you to take these three things to heart right now:

#1: You’ve got to invest in learning how to truly become a skilled coach. Faking it until you make it simply won’t fly. Jenny sees so many people stepping into the coaching arena without understanding how to facilitate the coach/client relationship (who is responsible for what, for example) … and things get messy and complicated really fast.

#2: You’ve absolutely got to implement a simple process to ensure your prospects are well qualified to hire you (stop giving away your time to people who will never buy).

#3: You must stop trading hours for dollars … and charging way too little. Your work has to be intelligently packaged (and priced!) to attract high-vibration clients who are committed to getting the best results.

That’s why Jenny is leading an ALL NEW, FREE webinar called 

“How to Package Your Magic to Get the Best Results for Your Coaching Clients + Say Goodbye to the Hours for Dollars Trap.”

It’s literally going to be epic, and she’s going to share what she typically only shares with her clients on this mission-critical issue.

Are you in? Grab your free spot here.

Jenny will also let you know the next class of GET GUTSY COACH TRAINING SCHOOL which kicks off later this month (the coach training is 100% online, awesome, and super convenient!).

I was blown away by Jenny’s uncanny gift of knowing exactly what her clients need and what is missing in the market, when she launched GET GUTSY COACH TRAINING SCHOOL.

With a focus on both coaching skills and business development, this program is truly unique.

Click here to register for Jenny’s free webinar now

As I mentioned, I am an enrollment coach for Jenny and I am thrilled to be supporting future coaches take their next step. I remember how exciting and scary it was committing to and investing in coach training. It is a life-changing decision.

P.S. – And because Jenny loves giving tremendous value to her tribe, when you attend the webinar live, she’ll hook you up with a fantastic free resource you’ll adore.

P.P.S. Disclaimer – this is my affiliate link. I may receive a commission in the future from Jenny’s business. I only recommend people who are the real deal!

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