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You Are Enough

I Am Enough“I am enough.”

This is what I see as I glance in the bathroom mirror.

Wow, that feels … good.

It feels … different.

It feels different because if I am honest, this isn’t what I typically say to myself.

Are you the same way?

Try this simple experiment and see if you start feeling different about yourself.

More hopeful.

More confident.


Gentler on yourself.

The You Are Enough Experiment

Get a bright colored piece of paper, index card or Post It note (so that it really stands out).

Use a bold colored marker, like a Sharpie.

Write “I AM ENOUGH” on the paper.

Place in a prominent spot so you see it often.

Bonus Points: make several of these.

When you see the message, take it in.

Observe how you feel over the next few days.

Here’s a two-minute video on this …

I Am Enough








Let me know what happens when you do this! Please come back and tell me in the comments. I’d also love to hear what practices you have to remind yourself how amazing you are. 

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