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Meet Elaine

Elaine Wellman Business Growth & Mindset Mentor

Elaine Wellman
Business Growth & Mindset Mentor

When I sink my toes into buttery soft Bluegrass, I’m instantly grounded to my Louisville, Kentucky, roots.

There, I learned to stand up for what I believed in, equality and freedom.

I also imagined a bigger life. So, I moved to Gotham.

Intimidated and lost on the subway, I was brimming with hope and youthful ambition, too.

Helping a friend kick start his fashion business, in exchange for clothes, really turned me on.

I climbed my way to my dream job as a vice president at a global public relations firm. And, I was smitten with my new husband.

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
there’s nothing you can’t do.
~ Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind

One day, I ran out of my fancy midtown Manhattan office building as fast as I could. My heart felt like it was bursting out of my chest. I tried to breathe. Slow down.  Hold back my tears.

Having it all came with a panic attack. Once again, I needed out.

A less stressful job producing events included countless business trips to Monaco. Perhaps like Grace Kelly, I was impressed with myself.

Private yachts, the size of cruise ships, twinkled like Christmas trees. Like the Milky Way had fallen from the sky and landed there on the dark Mediterranean Sea.

Yet, I was still unfulfilled and clueless about what would make me happy.

I knew how to dream though, like the starry-eyed hopefuls who see possibility in Manhattan’s towering skyscrapers. So, I went on another adventure.

This time I dug deep into my soul to uncover what would fill me up.

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses –
behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road,
long before I dance under those lights.
~ Louisville native Muhammad Ali

Helping other women create their visions fit perfectly with my business and coaching experience. And, the dive I took into studying happiness and mindset, post-divorce, knit it all together.

The pieces of my life lined up. I felt liberated. I jumped off the corporate ladder and fought to turn my aspiration into reality.

Now, I’m making my own rules, using all my talents, sharing my gifts and helping others do the same. 

I’m proof that it is possible.

What do you yearn for? Really desire?

You know what? I don’t think you’re crazy. I believe in you. I really do.

You just have to take a chance. I’m ready. Are you?

Take my hand. Let’s set your spirit free, too.

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