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Experiments, Faith, Disappointment and Productivity

IMG_2729Sporting safety goggles and big Farrah Fawcett hair, I fire up the Bunsen burner in Chemistry 101 ready for my experiments.

My 16 self timidly pours gold liquid into a beaker.

OK, that’s all I remember.

Science is not my forte and I don’t have a great story about setting my extremely flammable hair on fire in the lab.

Yet today, I am falling in love with EXPERIMENTS!

For the last two weeks, I have been running two experiments.

Each morning, for the last two weeks, I Pray. Meditate. Dance.

Before bed, I pray and meditate again.

It’s my first personal experiment.

Why am I running an experiment?

Full disclosure, it’s an assignment for my mastermind group.

I share my results, and explain more about the concept and benefits of running experiments, in a moment.

First, let’s get real. Running a business is one big experiment.

Your Business Is One Big Experiment

Running a business can be tough, right?

We pour our heart, soul and sweat into creating our programs, products, webinars, freebies, websites, blog posts, videos, messaging and launches. Whew!

Naturally, we want it to pay off. We want to build our list. Get more clients. Make bank.

Big goals are awesome. They are necessary to push ourselves forward.

Being attached to the outcome however can be a massive blow. And, I’ve been there many times.

Maybe no one shows up for your first webinar. Only two people sign up for your new program. The Huffington Post rejects your article. You haven’t closed a sales call in a month.

Whatever it is, when you believe everything is riding on that one thing, a lot can go wrong.

For example:

You may be coming from a place of desperation and that means you give off the wrong energy to attract people to your awesome thing.

You may feel like a failure if things don’t turn out the way you wished, then fall into a downward spiral.

You may toss out a perfectly good “whatever” that you invested a lot of time and resources but one small tweak could result in viable product or serve.

Likely, you will be disappointed at a minimum.

Instead, when you view everything as an experiment that produces useful information, you take the pressure off yourself and your “thing.” You have a clearer head and can more easily analyze what elements worked and what needs developing more next time.

Like “Shark Tank” investor Daymond John says I don’t fail. I get data.


Now that’s out of the way, let me share why I chose pray-meditate-dance as my experiments and the results I discovered. And, why I believe you should conduct your own experiments plus ideas and tips to get you you started.


Experiment 01: Pray + Meditate / Experiment 02: Dance

Before I started this experiment, I already had a morning practice which included meditating.

Until a few weeks ago however, the only time I ever prayed was when my sister almost died. Long story.

Not only that, I don’t know if I even believed in God. Well, I would say I didn’t back then.

Now that I believe — because I can define God/dess, Source, The Divine, The Universe, Higher Power however I want – read that story here — I decided to start praying and see what happened.

I also wanted to dance to generate more positivity in my life. When I dance to an uplifting song, my spirits are lifted. Yet, I rarely danced. So, I decided to dance to one upbeat song each morning.

Results: More Faith, Connection and Joy

Elaine WellmanHere’s what I discovered through these two experiments.

When I pray and meditate each morning and evening ….

– I have 100% faith in what I am creating.

– I am confident in the steps I am taking to move forward.

– I am more connected to myself.

– I no longer feel I am doing this by myself.

Yeah! I will have more of that please.

When I dance in my living room to an uplifting song:

– I get an immediate injection of joy.

– My energy increases.

– I feel ready to tackle the day.

– I have fun.

Definitely give me some more please.

I started this as two separate experiments. First, I prayed and meditated, then did some other morning rituals before dancing.

After about a week, I combined them into one practice, to bring that happiness boost into my morning sooner.

I am delighted to report that these new actions – praying and dancing – are now key elements of my daily practice.

What’s Next?

I haven’t decided what my next experiment is yet but I am positive I will continue conducting them.

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I have an idea!

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The Benefits of Running Your Own Experiment

Instead of just wondering, what would happen if I (fill in the blank)?, or how would my life be different if I (fill in the blank)?, why not try an experiment?

Running an experiment:

* can feel like a safe way to get out of your comfort zone.

* requires only a short-term commitment.

* takes the pressure of succeeding off a new project (and you!).

* shows you what works and what doesn’t.

* provides data that will help you determine if the new thing you try is worth committing to and how to tweak it.

* is creative and fun.

Ideas for your experiment:

* Set a timer to work in 30 to 60 minute spurts and gage your productivity.

* Unplug an hour before you go to bed and see if you sleep better.

* Write “I AM ENOUGH” in sharpie on an index card and post it on your mirror. I bet how you feel about yourself while change.

* Stop complaining and see if you’re happier.

* Accept every compliment with a gracious thank you and truly take it in and watch if your confidence increases.

* Make 5 sales calls every day and see what results you get.

Exercise every day and observe how you feel different.

* Tackle the most daunting task on your to-do first each day to monitor your productivity and energy levels.

* Stop watching TV to see if you are more fulfilled doing other things.

How to Run an Experiment

Running an experiment is simple:

1) Choose something you are curious. Keep it easy to implement so it isn’t overwhelming.

2) Make a commitment to see it through. I recommend 2 weeks but you can adjust based on your experiment.

3) Notice any changes you experience during the experiment. Decide how to move forward.


What experiments do you want to try?

What results have you gotten?

Please share your experiences and questions below.

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