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Free inspirational Graphics

Inspirational Graphics Pack for You!

Remind yourself you are AMAZING with my FREE Inspirational Graphics Pack. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably know I’m big on inspirational graphics. I have even printed out some of my own designs myself to keep me inspired. Recently, I’ve shared some with my clients and they love saving them on their desktops or […]

hire a business coach

What the Heck is a Business Coach Anyway?

Curious about (or overwhelmed by) all the noise out there about business coaches, and what they can do for you? Then, keep reading! What’s all the fuss about anyway?  The truth is, business coaches often mean the difference between profit and loss for an entrepreneur. Even the CEOs of the world’s top companies work with […]

Elaine Wellman Periscope

Down Periscope! My First Time

Hair in a ponytail. No makeup. No script. No rehearsal. “Broadcast Now.” Pretty clueless, I jump on Periscope.TV with my first broadcast. Earlier, I watched two short posts, both by women I consider friends and mentors. They were off-the-cuff. Spontaneous. Should I do it? I don’t even know how it works. I shrink. Consider playing it safe. No, I’m […]

You Matter like Freedom and Connection

Freedom and Connection are among my Core Values. America Embraces these Ideals. Changing before our Eyes. I feel Privileged to Witness It. Of course, there are other Leaps to Make. There’s Always space for Growth. Yet, this is PROOF we Can Do It. YOU, too, have the Power to Transform. Create a Brighter Future for […]

Higher Self

Yogi Buddha: How to Connect to Your Higher Self

Morning yoga and meditation leave me peaceful and energized (even with the “help” of my kitty Buddha Boy). Reconnected. To my Soul. It’s a welcome shift. Saying goodbye to my dad during the middle of my new group coaching program was emotionally and physically draining. I was creating the content as the program rolled out, so I had to dive right back […]


Where Am I: Tapping Your Intuition and Inner GPS

On the subway platform, “My Girl” drifts through the air as a duo plays for donations. A young couple rock their baby in her stroller. Her adorable orange sandals with cut-out flowers stick out the bottom. She’s in a bubble, protected from the harsh world by a mesh cover. I wonder what she looks like. […]

Take Action

How to Take Action with Some Sweaty Old Guys

A sea of sweaty old guys is in front of me and my mind is made up. I won’t take action. Not another step. Cajun music blasts from the speakers at New Orleans’ famed Tipitina’s afternoon Tea Dance. The steamy climate follows us inside. Giant ceiling fans do little to cool the large, unairconditioned room in 90 degree tropical […]