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Little girl with shopping bags goes to the store

Got Swag? Get Your FREE Biz Swag Bag

A sea of boxes filled with free swag engulf me. With box-cutters blazing, my team and I go into hyper, yet deliberate, action. We open boxes and gift bags. Stuff 10 different products in each bag. And with a well-seasoned-flick-of-the-wrist, I fluff and position the pink tissue just right as the all-important final touch. In three hours, […]

JV Partners for

Business Swag: 7 Tips to Create Juicy JV Partnerships

I am engulfed  by hundreds of boxes thanks to an awesome JV partnership. In three hours, 400 beauty industry professionals arrive at a swanky, private club in Manhattan. Fundraising galas, by the way, make for the ultimate JV partnerships. The boxes are filled with products for the swag bag each guest will receive in a few hours. With box-cutters […]