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I Am Enough

You Are Enough

“I am enough.” This is what I see as I glance in the bathroom mirror. Wow, that feels … good. It feels … different. It feels different because if I am honest, this isn’t what I typically say to myself. Are you the same way? Try this simple experiment and see if you start feeling different […]

Elaine Wellman

Lessons Learned 2015: Intuition, Ice Cream, Introspection

I let go of what I thought I “should” do and do what my soul craves. Introspection. It’s New Year’s Eve and I am supposed to be upstate with friends. Instead, I am at home cocooning during this fertile time between the holidays. At home in my PJs, I savor dark chocolate truffles (a gift) and play with […]


Dear 2015: Spirituality, Addiction and Flow

Dear 2015, You brought me Spirituality. Addiction. Flow. Thanks Dad: My Spiritual Awakening I lost my father this year. Although it was really hard to go through, he gave me a profound parting gift. Out of the blue, I was called to connect more deeply with my soul. Wait, what??? I’ve never been “called” to do anything […]

Higher Self

Yogi Buddha: How to Connect to Your Higher Self

Morning yoga and meditation leave me peaceful and energized (even with the “help” of my kitty Buddha Boy). Reconnected. To my Soul. It’s a welcome shift. Saying goodbye to my dad during the middle of my new group coaching program was emotionally and physically draining. I was creating the content as the program rolled out, so I had to dive right back […]

me+ marianne tight

Turning Love into a Global Force with Marianne Williamson

Why am I crying as Marianne Williamson walks onto the stage to talk about Turning Love into a Global Force? I’m not a devoted follower yet I deeply respect her. Especially after she founded Sister Giant. It’s a movement to encourage women to run for office and align their politics with their spiritual values. Marianne is tiny. Pixie-sized. Her aqua […]

Shut Up Nasty Little Voice. Bonjour Ooh La La Life!

“Shut up! Merde!”   I lean on the fence and gaze over the Hudson River to the sweeping Manhattan skyline.      “But this is scary.      How do you know you have what it               takes?” “STOP IT! “ I have this conversation with myself. Me and my inner critic. […]

Finding Hope in a Tootsie Roll

“I’m scared.” My brother hugs me, long and close. His faded reddish hair mixes with my vibrant dyed mane as I press my check against his freckles. He is, too, he says. Beep…beep…beep. My eyes lock on the somewhat lifeless form on the bed behind him.  We are in a sterile hospital room in Louisville, […]

What Do You Deserve? The Key to Loving Yourself

You know loving yourself is a key to happiness, right?  Maybe you already completely embrace who you are, or maybe you’re still struggling to get there. Either way, asking yourself this one question could have a huge impact on your life and even the success of your business. What do you deserve? Asking yourself what […]