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Do You Have a Happy Business?

There are a lot of different elements that go into starting and maintaining a successful business. But I want a Happy Business! What’s a Happy Business? Let’s start with what a Happy Business is NOT! It’s not overwhelming. It’s not struggling or fumbling. It’s not disorganized. It doesn’t make you want to pull your hair […]

Residents navigating a blacked out Manhattan

How Hurricane Sandy Taught Me to Be Gentle With Myself

Last week, Hurricane Sandy demolished the state where I live and shut down the city I work in for days. Both are still fighting to recover and will be for some time. The week was emotionally and physically draining. But I was lucky. The worst part for me was losing power for almost 3 days. […]


A Change Will Do You Good, Combating the Naysayer Inside

A single neon red tree glowing in the sunshine. A rainbow of fallen leaves against the still green grass. The reflection of the colorful tree line sparkling on the lake. Glorious. I was fortunate enough to get away recently for a weekend in the country – the Catskills to be specific. Not only was I blessed […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned to help other women entrepreneurs create more happiness in their lives which will ultimately lead to greater success! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you do please help spread the word and share it with others […]