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Old Sneakers and One Baby Step Can Change Everything

I dig through a pile of shoes to find my silver and white sneakers. I’ve been meaning to go through those for ages. Yoga pants, a long pink tee shirt and a too-short sky blue hoodie complete my assemble. I put No Doubt on my iPhone and grab my robin egg blue Tiffany keychain. Ali […]

Spotlight Your Fear

I squint my eyes temporarily blinded by the bright white light. A pang of fear tries to silence my voice. I clear my throat and push it away. I step up to the microphone at Stand Up New York. ”Hi, I’m Elaine Wellman,” I say proudly. I never expected to be on stage at a comedy club. Fortunately, […]

My Lemongrass Desire Set Me Free

The tom yum soup with lemongrass and lime juice warms my belly. Grateful, I glance out the window at the snowy sidewalk we navigated to get inside. Anne listens as I confess the core desired feelings I’m trying on. I want to feel alive, love (or loved or loving), vivacious, prosperous ….  I think. We’re […]

A Polar Vortex & 1964: What Does It Take to Change?

It’s one degree outside. My first Polar Vortex. Hot chocolate with creamy Reddi Whip warms my throat. My cat Buddha pounces on the rustling brown paper he so loves. Snuggled under a blanket on my plush velvet couch, I’m  content. On PBS-TV, its 1964, and things are about to change. I was born in 1964. Until now, I never […]

I Cried Today: How to be an Unstoppable Entrepreneur

I cried today. I wasn’t planning to write this story. Yet, this experience was so powerful, it wouldn’t be fair for me to keep this to myself. I made a salad for lunch, poured an ice tea and realized it was time for the kick-off call of the Unstoppable Solopreneur Global Telesummit (which I’m appearing […]

I Licked the Bowl and Beat the Employee Mindset

Coconut cake batter splashes out of my small mixing bowl … onto my computer screen. Damn. Why didn’t I print out this recipe? I need a bigger bowl. I turn off the tiny avocado green handheld mixer that my mom used when I was a kid. It’s my friend Linda’s birthday. I’m attempting to make my […]

I Quit! Creating the Mindset for Change

With sweet lavender bubbles and steamy water, I wash away 2013. I say goodbye to the year that was. Turns out, it was one long “a-ha” moment. This New Year’s Day, I’m totally for a fresh start. Behind a plum colored shower curtain, I luxuriate in possibility. I no longer want to be the person who […]

Start Anew

Lessons learned simple and profound. A soul excavated revelations revealed … ME. Life forever changed. And anew we begin.

Buddha Screamed Change Your Brand And Share Your Gifts

I walk away from 20 years experience in marketing and PR to start my business as a happiness coach. Kind of like my cat Buddha walking away from me when he’s bored. What I discovered about how to be happy was so life-changing I want to share it with everyone. I work hard yet something isn’t fully clicking. […]