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You, Me and Jenny Fenig

This Spring, while I was in Jenny Fenig’s GLOW Mastermind program, I took a big leap. I am so aligned with Jenny’s work that I pitched my services to her and now I am a member of her team. Already, I am the event manager for her Spiritual Business Retreat this summer, working on some PR, […]

The Liberated Woman Podcast with Amber Chalus

  BECOME A HABIT JUNKIE: WHY YOU NEED TO DITCH THE EMPLOYEE MINDSET TO CREATE THE BUSINESS YOU WANT WITH ELAINE WELLMAN In this episode: Hear the story of how Elaine started her coaching business but found herself trapped in the employee mindset – keeping from her from really showing up for the people who […]

The Truth Is Never Complicated

Lessons from Marianne Williamson’s live lecture, 5/11/16, NYC … *BEING VS. DOING … Ego says,” just do something.” We weren’t created to be doing so much. Stop doing, doing, doing. It knocks you off spiritually, emotionally and physically. Must make time to meditate. We need to get quiet, rest, listen to guidance from the universe. […]

I Am Enough

You Are Enough

“I am enough.” This is what I see as I glance in the bathroom mirror. Wow, that feels … good. It feels … different. It feels different because if I am honest, this isn’t what I typically say to myself. Are you the same way? Try this simple experiment and see if you start feeling different […]

Dream Big

Dream Big: How to Get What You Want in Life + Biz

What’s you biggest, wildest dream for you life or business? Go ahead. Say it out loud. Tell the Universe what you want! Ready to make it Happen? I created my new free online workshop to help you make your dreams come true. DREAM BIG: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE + BIZ  Free Online Workshop […]

no excuses

No More Excuses: How to Create What You Want

  “It’s hard for me.” I am sick of hearing this excuse from my friend, again. I’ve heard it a million times. Yes, she has more challenging circumstances than I do. Still, I’m over it. These four words allow her to remain a victim of her circumstances. These four words keep her from creating the life she wants. Time […]


Experiments, Faith, Disappointment and Productivity

Sporting safety goggles and big Farrah Fawcett hair, I fire up the Bunsen burner in Chemistry 101 ready for my experiments. My 16 self timidly pours gold liquid into a beaker. OK, that’s all I remember. Science is not my forte and I don’t have a great story about setting my extremely flammable hair on […]

Little girl with shopping bags goes to the store

Got Swag? Get Your FREE Biz Swag Bag

A sea of boxes filled with free swag engulf me. With box-cutters blazing, my team and I go into hyper, yet deliberate, action. We open boxes and gift bags. Stuff 10 different products in each bag. And with a well-seasoned-flick-of-the-wrist, I fluff and position the pink tissue just right as the all-important final touch. In three hours, […]

Elaine Wellman

Who Are YOU?

I am stepping into my role as a spiritual business leader. I recently started speaking those words about myself – spiritual business coach. My evolution is a work in progress. Not long ago, I shared that label – spiritual business coach – with a very good friend who is also an entrepreneur and on a […]

Elaine Wellman

Lessons Learned 2015: Intuition, Ice Cream, Introspection

I let go of what I thought I “should” do and do what my soul craves. Introspection. It’s New Year’s Eve and I am supposed to be upstate with friends. Instead, I am at home cocooning during this fertile time between the holidays. At home in my PJs, I savor dark chocolate truffles (a gift) and play with […]