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Meet Elaine

Elaine Wellman

I’m an entrepreneur, certified coach, award-winning publicist, marketing and branding pro, event producer, mindset expert and momma to my fur baby Buddha.

I love the life I created, once I finally got out of my own way. I was really good at that – getting in my own way.

Let me go back.

The Blessings Disguised As Breakdown(s) 

My heart feels like it will burst out of my chest like that disgusting creature living inside John Hurt in the movie “Alien.” I run out of my fancy midtown Manhattan office building.

I try to breathe.

I am vice president at a global public relations firm in New York City. Just like I said I wanted to be when I graduated college back in Louisville, Kentucky.

Now that I’m here though, it’s making me sick. Having it all comes with my first panic attack.

Slow down.

I’ve spent over a decade building a career I now loathe.

Corporate policies and ass kissing pisses me off.

I desire freedom.

Promoting products I don’t give a crap about feels hollow and leaves me dejected.

I want to help make the world a better place and change lives, especially mine, somehow.

I’m so stressed, I’ve turned into a royal bitch (not good for my marriage).

I crave happiness.

I need to save myself. I need out.

Vespa Tour of the Riviera

A less stressful job producing events comes with a cool perk – countless business trips to Monaco. I feel worldly and glamorous … for a while.

Then, that gap in my gut, the one seeking a purpose, doesn’t fill up. If this can’t make me happy, what will?

My marriage disintegrates and rips my heart open like a tornado tearing a house off its foundation. Shock, grief and depression swallow me.

Months later, I start to wade through the devastation. To heal, I go on my own spiritual exploration. I am determined to learn how to be happy and create a life that lights me up.

A-ha Moment #1

Thanks to a reality TV show featuring IIyanla Vanzant and Rhonda Britten, I discover the world of coaching. The deep transformations the women on the show experience stir my soul.

I want that kind of metamorphosis for myself. And, I want to learn how to help other women change their lives, too.

After decades of searching, I have found my passion. Now, to make the change.

I finally enroll in one of the top coaching schools in the country after waiting nearly a year for the classes not to conflict with my event schedule at work.

The Unimaginable 

With my Sis

With my Sis

My life is turned upside down a few months before the program starts.

My 17-year-old nephew perishes in a car accident (while I’m in France). And, my sister (his mother) nearly dies from broken heart syndrome. My sister made it. Soon after that however, my mother passes, too.

Damaged and still in shock, I start the coaching program I waited a lifetime for. I can’t cope with the recommendation to get clients right away so I take that off my plate. Not knowing getting clients would become a huge block for me.

The Universe Calls

When I graduate, I have no idea how to start a business. So, like most people, I put my dreams on hold. I do nothing. I stay at my job. For years. I’m happy-ish.

Business starts drying up. Even as number two in the company, my hours are cut to part-time. Panic sets in.

I realize if I’m ever going to do this, the time is now. Scared as hell, I jump into the ocean of entrepreneurship.

Since entrepreneurship is the ultimate personal growth adventure, my twisted story isn’t over yet. I have no idea what my niche should be so I decide, sort of by default, to be a happiness coach.

I hide out behind my computer. I don’t even try to get clients while I “build the foundation” of my business for an entire year. That decision is also costly both financially and mentally.

I struggle along. Nothing is clicking.

I love you mom

I love you mom

A-ha #2, A-ha #3, A-ha … 

Until slowly, I start connecting the dots of my psyche.

First, I realize (not) getting clients and my mother’s death are somehow connected in my brain.

The biggest roadblock is dislodged.


Fabulous Fashion Days

Fabulous Fashion Days

Then, I remember what gets me jazzed.

The first time I helped an entrepreneur kick-start their business was back when I moved to New York at age 25.

Helping my friend launch his fashion business turned me on so much I worked my butt off in exchange for free clothes. His vision became my vision.

I thrived.

That is my niche.

Getting Out of My Own Way

I get out of my own way and the pieces of my life all line up.

I embrace all my gifts and incorporate them into my business:

*My Passion: helping others create their vision

*My Expertise: 20 years in PR, marketing, event planning and launching businesses, life

*My Research: more than two years studying mindset and happiness

*My Education: college education, coaching certification, numerous high level training courses, private coaching and more

*My Values: freedom, passion, independence, leadership, community, adventure

*My Strengths: believer, relater, organizer, responsible, harmonizer

I am grateful to have been on my specific journey — the exhilarating, the glamorous,  the grasping, the heart wrenching. All of it made it possible for me to be where I am now.

This is What Living Your Dreams Look Like

with Ali Brown

with Ali Brown

Now, I live my dream. Helping other women discover their passions and turn their visions into reality makes my heart skip a beat like a new love. Seeing my clients discover what’s in their hearts, use their gifts to serve others and create a viable business that sustains them both spiritually and financially, makes my heart shine.

I have the freedom I coveted, too. I can work when and where I want, from my home office (which I painted bright orange to keep me energized), my dad’s house in Kentucky or from a business retreat in the mountains.

I get to create. My business can look however I want it to. I know that I have the power to generate whatever income I wish. I develop whatever products, programs and services I am inspired to. And, I get to use my love of writing to connect with my tribe.

Sharing my story On Stage

Sharing my story On Stage

Speaking of tribes, I have amazing connections with other women entrepreneurs I’ve met through various groups I’m in. The support is like nothing I’ve experienced.

The cherry on top is  that I continue to learn and grow through meaningful coaching programs. They are the container in which many of my deep shifts occur. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in the industry and am excited to continue to learn from the best.

 I’m proof that anything is possible. 

When you embrace your journey and get out of your own way, magic happens.

If you’re ready to discover and align your passion with a profitable business model, let’s talk.

I’ll help you get out of your own way.

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