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An Earl and Flip-Flops: Ten Questions to Help You Find a Coach or Mentor Right for You - I’m having lunch with an Earl. Dad needs to find a coach, like during his college basketball days. I hope it’s Earl. Click here to keep reading



ingridCoaching with Elaine is like having your life revealed to you in a striking new way.  I’m amazed by how clearly she can sense and articulate the truth. And how she inspires a fresh way of looking at the world. Before working with her, I felt submerged in a world of chaos, bitterness and self-doubting. Read more…


I had always felt like a victim of my life circumstances. However, during my first session coaching with Elaine, I had an epiphany. I was transformed from feeling like a victim of my life to being happy with the struggles that had happened. Read more…


Elaine helped me prioritize my goals and bring balance back into my life.  The process she used helped me to identify exactly what I was looking for and lead me to make changes in my life that were organic to me. Read more…