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Who Are YOU? -  I am stepping into my role as a spiritual business leader. I recently started speaking those words about myself - spiritual business coach. My evolution is a work in progress... More        



Amanda_newI gained clarity on my product offering, my brand, and my mindset.  The future of my business is bright. If you’re ready to make-over your business and your thinking, then turn to Elaine for coaching. Click here to read more.


During my first session with Elaine, I had an epiphany. Within one month, I identified my niche and got my first client!  I developed clarity about my strengths and I claimed my life experiences which make me, me. Click here to read more.


Elaine helped me get more clients and save money so I could take a dream 6-month sabbatical to volunteer in South America. I even far exceeded my savings goals. Now, I’m off to Guatemala to work with kidsThank you Elaine!  Click here to read more.